ExpoLog is committed to living up to its reputation for delivering the highest quality math editorial services. We also aim to provide additional value to clients on every assignment:

Planning and project management expertise

  • We commit to quick onboarding.
  • Our staffing model enables us to take on projects of any size. But we also monitor our bandwidth and don’t take on more than we can deliver while maintaining our high standards.

Proven workflow and quality assurance process

  • Every deliverable is reviewed by a team member other than the original writer before it is submitted to the client.
  • Higher quality first pass work results in time savings, which in turn achieves cost savings for clients.

Cost savings due to efficient staffing model

  • ExpoLog has a core team of math writers/editors/project managers and a large pool of contractors, enabling us to put together a custom writing team based on the unique needs of each project.
  • Clients benefit from the cost efficiency of this model due to low overhead. It also enables us to efficiently manage large-scale projects.
  • All of ExpoLog’s curriculum writers specialize in math.
  • Diversity of skill-set produces a higher quality product for clients. Our pool of math experts includes:
    • Elementary/middle school math teachers
    • High school math teachers
    • Math curriculum development experts
    • Individuals with experience teaching intervention strategies